This is the Highest Performing Instagram Image Size For Wedding Photographers

Instagram allows 1:1 photos and has also made it flexible by allowing portrait style (4:5) and landscape shots (2:3). Are you wondering which size is the best size for your post?

The portrait style (4:5), also known as the tall crop size is the best, while using the landscape size is not recommended.

Here’s why

1. Tall crop sizes take up most of your screen

When you post an image with landscape size, it takes up less space on a mobile screen. Studies state that the tall crop images are noticed often because it takes up full mobile screen.

The landscape size image is competing with the other posts while the tall crop takes up the entire screen, not giving users the glimpse of the next image. Shorter images are easier to ignore.

As you can see in the images below, the tall crop post takes the entire screen, letting your bride focus on the image. While the landscape size post diverts your attention to the caption and the post following it. 

2. You only have a few seconds to attract the bride

People scroll through their feed quickly. So, you only have a few seconds to get someone’s attention. In such a situation, you would not want to share it with anyone by posting landscape size image. 

3. Tall crop photos are detailed

The landscape photos may be high quality but on Instagram it will be small and difficult to see. The picture if posted in taller crop size will be more visible, clear and appealing to the brides.

If you have shot a landscape picture, cropping it to portrait size is a good option to post it to Instagram. 

4. Ads work better on full screen

A tall crop image ad works well to attract brides. 

Which size post have you been posting till now, tell us in the comments section below? The ‘Tall Crop’ is the ideal size to attract bride’s attention and keep them focused to your post for a few seconds.

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