New Instagram Algorithm: Everything you need to know!

In 2016, Instagram announced they were replacing the chronological feed with its algorithm and most people gave a less than happy reaction.

Do you know why did Instagram make a switch from the chronological feed to it algorithm?

The reason was its popularity. It became more difficult to keep up with all the content people share. According to Instagram, people missed an average of 70% of their feeds content when it was chronological.

So, Instagram came up with the algorithm that re-organized people’s feed according to the content that was relevant to them. 

Instagram is constantly updating its algorithm to improve the user experience, it can be tough to know how exactly they optimize your posts to get the most engagement and reach possible. But, yes, it’s not impossible.

While it’s difficult to understand exactly how the algorithm works, but we have listed 7 factors that determine how your post will perform in new Instagram algorithm. Here they are below in no particular order of importance. 

1. How much engagement your post gets

Posts with higher engagement will perform better in the Instagram algorithm. When your post receives a lot of likes, comments and shares, it signals the Instagram algorithm that it’s high quality content and so it will appear at the top in your followers profile.

Tip: Post content that your followers want to see.

It’s not always the amount of engagement a post receives but in some cases the algorithm also reacts to how quickly the post receives engagement.

Pro Tip: Post your content when your audience is most active.

2. For how long people view your post

Like Facebook, Instagram algorithm also considers the amount of time brides spend on viewing the post to show it to more users.

And yes, this is why crafting amazing and engaging captions is very important. If you have a great caption, then brides are more likely to read it and click on ‘more’, which increases the time spent on the post.

3. Your family, friends and favorite accounts 

If you engage with a specific account often, this tells Instagram algorithm that you like the account’s content and so you will see more of that profile’s content in your feed.

The same thing applies for people who love your content. If someone often engages with your post or even views your Instagram stories, your content is likely to appear more on their feed. 

4. The type of content

Luckily, Instagram not only cares about engagement on a post. The type of content you engage with plays a vital role in what content appears on your feed. 

5. When your photo was posted

In March 2018, Instagram revealed that they were making changes to the algorithm. According to the news, the new algorithm will display photos and videos in a chronological order along with ‘new posts’ button that gives the users control of when they want to refresh the feed for fresh posts.

Before the change, the time you posted was not very important. It was common to find 3-4 day old content showing up on your feed, like in the image below. But Instagram has now worked on restricting showing up older posts, the time people post at has more influence on what is seen on the feed. 

6. If you have looked up for an account

Another factor that algorithm considers is what accounts you look for on the app. When you search a specific account, Instagram takes that as a signal that you like the account’s content and may show you more of their content on the feed. 

7. Whether your followers engage with your Stories

New Instagram Algorithm takes into account all the engagement you receive on your Stories also like replies, shared with someone. The more the brides engage with your Stories the more likely your posts will be shown up in their feed. 

8. Sharing post in DM

There is no way to track the number of times your posts are shared in DM with someone but Instagram still keeps a track of it.

When share a post with someone in DM, Instagram takes that as a form of engagement and assumes that you are interested in seeing that kind of content. So create engaging and awesome content that brides share with their friends. In this way your posts could perform better in the algorithm

9. Whether you engage with your audience

It is believed that Instagram not just prioritizes posts with high engagement but may even limit exposure based on whether or not you engage with your audience.

Pro Tip: Reply to every comment, DM and reply on Stories you get to keep up with your posts visibility.

10. Making the most of Instagram features

Instagram has a lot to offer to help you book more weddings. One thing that we have learned this year is that Instagram rewards users for making use of all its features. When it comes up with a new feature, we suggest using it as soon as you can. Testing new features can help you grow and book more weddings.

We hope to have cleared some doubts of yours related to Instagram Algorithm with this article that will help you use Instagram to book more brides. 

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