Instagram Stories: 5 things to know before posting

Instagram stories are a clone to Snapchat. Stories are a big hit with 300 million active users. Compare the statistics with Snapchat, that released before Instagram stories, has 160 million active users.

Do you know how you can make the most of it?

Let’s find out!

Firstly: Instagram Stories vs. Instagram feed

Just like other social media platforms, you would consider everything posted on Instagram- permanent.

Not just a wedding photographer but everyone who posts on social media thinks that every post they make stays forever (unless you delete it).

Stories come with an expiry date which disappears after 24 hours. So, posting an engaging story is important. 

Before you post: 5 Things you need to know about Instagram Stories

Forget about using stories effectively if you do not how they work. These simple and effective tips will help your brand get started on the right track.

1. Create story content keeping your brides in mind

Stories are for your loyal followers. It is not effective at attracting new followers because it can be seen to only those who follow you. 

2. Create stories with apps

Use graphic tools like Canva to create stories and then upload it as you want. 

3. Limit hashtag use

For your regular Instagram post, the more hashtags you use, the better chances of being noticed. On the contrary, stories do not support this. If you want to use it in the stories, keep it limited to your branded hashtags and make sure to use five, maximum.

4. Location Tags

The location tags help your stories get discovered by the people close to you or the ones interested in that location. Make sure the location is actually relevant to your story because Instagram uses recognition technology and so don’t try to trick them.

For example, Danmorrisphotography tags the location of the wedding while editing the images. 

5. Links to Stories

The swipe up feature is only available to verified accounts and the unverified accounts can add the swipe up or clickable URL link if their follower count has crossed 10K.

For a wedding photographer, adding Instagram Stories to promote his or her brand will help them engage with the brides in a focused and time-sensitive way. Instagram Stories help you produce raw content that feels more authentic and personal.

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