Instagram Poll Stories: How to create, 4 creative ideas to use and 3 simple ways to promote it

Instagram Poll Stories is a fresh way to encourage your brides to interact with your brand on Instagram.

Want to get more feedback from your brides in a direct way? With Instagram Poll Stories you can get direct response from the brides.

How to create poll stories?

  • Select a background as you would do for regular Instagram Stories
  • Open stickers and choose Poll. 
  • After you click on Poll, the option to add a question and 2 options will appear.
  • Type your question and 2 answers for the brides to choose from.
  • Publish your story and enjoy the results!

4 Creative Ways To Use Poll Stories for maximum bride engagement

1. Ask if they would help you plan your content

Ask a question to your brides while planning your content so that you put up something that most brides want to see.

For example, upload any wedding image you shot from your camera roll (Instagram has removed the 24 hour upload limit) and ask the brides for their feedback. Ask them what they would like to see more on your stories giving them two options to choose from as in the image below.

2. Asking a fun question

Use a fun story post to engage with your brides. Something about the upcoming festival or event is a good option.


3. Ask Yes/No questions

This is a simple yet effective way to get most brides participating in poll stories because they hardly take any time to answer. 

4. Ask their opinion

If you are planning to host a contest soon and confused about the prize, ask the brides what would they prefer. 

Ways to promote your Instagram Stories for maximum views

How do you get more brides see your Instagram Stories? The three simple tactics here will give a boost to your Instagram Stories and increase engagement.

1. Post it on your Feed

  • 1
    You can post a picture on your news feed of a part of your story that is coming up soon.
  • 2
    You can even give your brides a short video on what you will cover in the stories that would entice them to watch the entire series of stories.
  • 3
    Another way, as in the example below, is to post a picture of the recent shoot and ask the brides to follow your stories for more behind the scenes.

2. Tag the couple and location

Tagging the couple on your Instagram Storie will send them a notification that you have tagged them.

As in the image below, @mandaclif and @de11edonne will be sent a notification that they are tagged by @Theknot. 

How to tag a person in your Instagram Story?

  • 1
    After you create an Instagram Story, type ‘@’ followed by the username you want to tag.
  • 2
    Remember: If the username in your story is underlined, it means they will see your mention. When someone taps on the username, a pop-up will take them to their profile.

Tagging the location of the wedding is also helpful.

For example, as in the image below, when a bride clicks on the location- KAUAI, she will go to a page where she can see all the stories having the same location tag. 

How to add a geotag?

  • 1
    Tap on the ‘Happy Face’ icon on top of the screen and choose ‘Location’.
  • 2
    When you choose location, you will see a list of places around. You can even type the place you want to mention in the ‘Search Bar.’

3. Cross-Promotion

Cross promoting your Instagram Stories to other social media channels is a great opportunity to get noticed and get more leads to your Stories. Post a picture of the story on other social media platforms and ask the brides to visit Instagram to view the entire story. 

Instagram now allows you to directly share your Instagram Storie to Facebook by giving the 'Facebook' option below after you have posted a story.

You can save the story even after uploading it by clicking on the downward arrow as highlighted in the image below. 

Instagram Stories help you produce raw content that feels more authentic and personal. Follow these tips if you have an aim of building your brand and booking more brides.

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