How to increase Instagram Engagement: 6 Tips that work!

Have you noticed a sudden drop in Instagram engagement? You are not the only one. Many wedding photographers have noticed a decrease in Instagram engagement and it is a troubling news for all photographers that rely on Instagram to book more weddings.

To help you increase the engagement rate, we have rounded up 6 strategies that work. Before you get onto the 6 tips, remember the #1 tip is to create great content without which the tips mentioned below would not work in your favour. 

1. Do not use Instagram bots

To get featured on the Explore page or Top posts, you need to generate maximum engagement as quickly as possible. Getting there has become more difficult because Instagram engagement is decreasing. This is why a few wedding photographers have turned to Instagram bots.

Instagram has updated its algorithm to be tougher on bots. So, if you are using one:

            a) Instagram knows it.
            b) You are going to be shadowbanned (the banned photographer is unaware                     of the ban) or banned outright.

            c) Instagram won't show your content to anyone.  

2. Be more active on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are extremely useful in boosting engagement. Experts recommend that if your posts are not working well, posting about it on Instagram stories can increase engagement. 

Another benefit of Instagram stories is you can get featured on the Explore page. When you head to the Explore page, you will notice a series of stories at the top. Those stories appear there because Instagram selected them based on the similar accounts you follow and posts you like. 

3. Be strategic with your hashtags

Do not use spam hashtags. It is unclear if Instagram will shadowban your account or not, but many wedding photographers have noticed that when they used a single span hashtag in their post, their post didn’t show up for any other hashtags they used.

Create niche related hashtags set to ensure none of them are currently banned by Instagram.

How to do this?
Search for a hashtag on Instagram, if you find something like the image written in the recent post section, it means the hashtag is banned. 

Good News: Despite the recent problems, Instagram hashtags are still one of the best ways to drive engagement on your post.

4. Add a Call To Action to all your posts

When it comes to boosting Instagram engagement, a simple request to your brides to like and/or comment on your post can work wonders. 

It is one of the best ways to inspire your brides to comment and spend more time viewing the post, which is one among the factors Instagram considers when selecting top posts for a hashtag.

5. Hosting an Instagram contest

Using hashtags wisely, posting when your brides are most active at and adding a CTA to every post are effective ways to increase engagement. If you want to attract more brides, hosting a contest is the best way.

By getting the brides to tag their friends in the comments, you can attract more attention to the contest and drive more engagement than you would otherwise.

For example, @Alongwithyoucreative - Rachel Perkins, a wedding photographer from Nashville, hosted a contest. Rachel decided to giveaway a free session to a couple in Nashville following all the rules of following them, liking the photo and tagging a friend in the comments. 

6. Schedule Instagram posts for when most brides are active

One of the best ways to generate maximum engagement is to schedule your posts for when most brides are active on Instagram. 

Instagram gives priority to the posts that receives higher engagement. The more like and comments your posts receive, the more bride will see your post and the chances of it being on the Explore page increases.

Following these tips will certainly help you increases engagement on your brand. Have you tried any of these?

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