How to get verified on Instagram?

Have you seen a blue tick besides the name of your favorite celebrity? It is the Verification Badge given by Instagram.

It means that the account is verified and confirmed as a genuine representation of the person behind the profile. It acts positively for your brand which is what makes it worthy.

Do you want to get one for your profile as well? Due to the exclusive nature of this badge, getting one is extremely difficult but yes, not impossible though!

Note that Instagram or any other social media platform does not mention any criteria to getting a verified badge nor there is any information on Google. So, learning from stories of others and reading between the lines is necessary apart from the information we have for you.

Here’s how it goes!

As you may know, the verified badge proves the account holders identity. There lots more to this, dive in deep right here!

1. Brand Credibility

Brand credibility is one of the most important things, even outside the social media world. When you join the social media platform, you need to do everything you can to protect the credibility, thanks to the trolls and scams.

One of the common scams is a fake account pretending to be a brand, a verification badge cuts down the confusion. 

2. Social Search Presence

People create fake accounts to pay tribute to their favorites or brand scamming and this is a common practice on Instagram. A verified badge keeps you on the top of the search recommendations, thus increasing the quality of your social media presence.

3. Maximize Reach

With the verification badge, people do not get targeted by the fake accounts and head directly to your Instagram profile. Maximizing the reach can improve the overall brand credibility and the conversion rates.

Can you request a Instagram Verification Badge?

Instagram only offers the Verified blue tick to public figures and brands. Currently, there is no option to request or purchase the verification badge, officially!

Instagram is owned by Facebook, thus this doesn’t mean you will be verified on  Instagram if you are on Facebook.

Do not lose hope so early, we are here to help you!

Following simple strategies can help you get one for your brand. It is worth investing some time!

To get verified on the Gram, you require:

Nothing to your surprise, a large following is the first requirement to get the Instagram verification badge. Accounts with a few thousands have got verified too, oh yes, there are exceptions everywhere, but having a good amount of followers is simpler to verify.

Having a large following shows that the brand could build its presence even without the blue tick. The main challenge is to get real numbers in short span of time. Follow these quick tips:

  • Take amazing photos and consider a theme for your profile. Influencers gain followers for their attractive photos and pleasing newsfeed. 
  • Take the benefit of one of the best features of Instagram - Insights. Use the information to plan content that resonates with your followers. 
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    Publishing any kind of content will not do any good. Post nothing but the best.
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    Spend time engaging with your followers. Like and comment on their posts and also reply to your comments. Also, engage with brides that don’t follow you by exploring relevant hashtags. 

2. Real followers and real likes

Having a good number of followers is not sufficient, they need to be real. Buying a bunch of fake followers will NOT work, so just forget about it! Instagram needs authentic data to give you a blue tick.

It requires:

  • Real followers
  • Real engagement

3. Strong social media presence outside of Instagram

Not just Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube also gives the verification badge. Thus, getting recognized genuinely on those social media platforms will increase the chances of getting the Instagram Verification Badge. 

4. An active account

Posting once a while will not be helpful. An active account will help your brand in a number of ways. Actually, there is no use of getting a verified badge if you don’t post frequently. 

5. Complete Profile

Forget to get verified if you are not using your own real identity or brand name. Include all the relevant information in your profile. Make your connection strong by linking the Instagram account to other social media platforms.

So, now you know verification is not reserved for celebrities and other elites. You can get verified with moderate following as well, following the above mentioned steps. 

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