How to get 1,000 new Instagram followers in a month?

Irrespective at what stage your business is at, make sure your Instagram strategy is up to date if you want to book more weddings using Instagram.

If you want to build a loyal following, here are the tactics mentioned that will help you get 1,000 new Instagram followers in a month.

Here they are:

1. Sow the right seeds:

Before you start working on your goal of getting 1,000 followers in a month, start putting good content on your profile from Day 1 and also work towards the future posts. Being a wedding photographer, it is not difficult to create visual content but planning what to post is important because you don’t want to appear too sales-y.

Check out the image below of Sophia Lemon’s (ridicouslyhappyppl) feed which is a mix of tips, personal and promotional posts. 

2. Use right hashtags:

One way to get organic traffic to your profile is by posting content using right hashtags. Include the hashtags in the comment to make the caption look clean. In this way, even old content can be refreshed.

Pro tip: Before you start using a hashtag, check the hashtag feed for:

  • Whether the content in the specific hashtag is actually relevant to your post
  • How popular the tag is - if you post something using that tag, will that stay above the fold for some hours or some seconds?

Instagram allows 30 hashtags and studies have shown that more hashtags on a post, better reach.

Check the study by Buffer, which states that posts with 11+ hashtags got the maximum engagement

3. Be a problem solver for your brides

Most wedding photographers conduct some type of audience research that sets the foundation of their Instagram strategy. Some wedding photographers have succeeded in actually adding value with their content. Run an ad that will help the brides in wedding planning, may or may not necessarily have to be about wedding photography. 

​To deliver meaningful content, ask yourself:

  • Are you targeting the right set of people?
  • What are the pain points of the brides during choosing a wedding photographer and wedding planning?
  • circle
    How can you help solve their problems in your ads?

If you are just starting out and thinking who to target with your ads, users who have already engaged with your business in the past are the best options to start with.

Creating custom audience will help get your Instagram ads visible to the right people. To ensure they become your followers, you should use the data to develop useful ads that will answer the brides’ questions.

Use the data you have to create more targeted ads, solve brides’ worries and they will convert into followers. 

3. Create unique story ads for maximum exposure

Story ads is the best format, to rapidly build Instagram followers. Studies have shown that brides engagement 3x more with Instagram Stories when compared to the regular content. More engagement leads to more and loyal followers.

Instagram Stories have more than 300 million daily active users. With such massive growth, the story feature is definitely the key to increasing your chances of adding new followers to your account. 

​Many wedding photographers are using stories, so how can you do it differently to deliver information in a captivating manner?

Not many wedding photographers are using the ‘Type Mode’ in stories. It allows you to create stories without any photo or video but is the best medium to get your word out there.

Pro Tip: Share tips using the ‘Type Mode’.

4. Find the right time

​To reach and maintain a loyal following in a short time, it is very important to A/B test your ads. This will help you know which variable is working to help you achieve your goals at the lowest cost.

Knowing when your viewers are most active on Instagram will help engage them better with your ads and turn them into your followers.

You can find the right time with the help of the data provided by Instagram in Insights as in the image below.
Testing to determine your business’s right spot will take you a long way towards helping you reach your goal of 1,000 followers in a month.

Remember: Stay up-to date with Instagram Updates

Before you begin the process of adding 1,000 more followers to your account, make sure you are updated with the Instagram latest updates. You surely wouldn’t want to miss the crucial changes that could affect your campaign.

Some highlights from the past few months include:

  • The ability to include clickable links (accounts and hashtags) to other profiles in your bio. 
  • The amazing Focus Portrait mode, that keeps the subject clear and the background slightly blurred. 
  • circle
    The ability to share your post directly to stories. 

With ample of strategies for boosting Instagram following, you want to do this perfectly and quickly. Begin with solving brides’ problems, using related hashtags, getting creative with ads and continue testing variables to be certain that you hit your goal of 1,000 Instagram followers in a month. 

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