How to convert a personal Instagram profile to business profile?

Wondering how to switch to business profile on Instagram? Maybe it’s the lure of adding links to Instagram Stories or running Instagram ads. Whatever your reason, switching from personal profile to a business profile is super easy.

In the following post, we explain how to convert a personal Instagram account to a business profile in three steps.

Step 1

Go to your profile and tap on 

Step 2

Before switching to business profile, set your profile ‘Public’ because private accounts can’t switch to business.

Tap Switch to Business Profile and select the Facebook page you want to link your Instagram business profile with.

Instagram allows you to link only one Facebook account to your Instagram profile. 

Step 3

On the Set Up Your Business Profile, review your business's contact details and then tap on Done

With the business account, you will get access to Instagram Insights and business features including

That’s it! Switch to business profile now and enjoy the benefits!

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