9 Simple Rules to use Instagram Hashtags ​for More Exposure

Instagram hashtags are like metadata. They increase the post discoverability by categorizing it. Hashtags connect with others outside their existing network.

Using hashtags is not enough, using it strategically to meet your marketing goals is important. Keeping this is mind, below are 9 tips to use hashtag to expand your reach. 

1. Be Specific

Be specific when using hashtags. Use hashtags that are related to the post and your profession. You can use only custom hashtags or mix with the traditional ones. 

2. Hashtag Research

Do you know the right hashtags to use with your owned tag?

Tools like Keyhole, Hashtagify, etc. enable you to research the right hashtags. These hashtag tools will even help you find the hashtags used by other wedding photographers. Before creating an hashtag by yourself apart from the custom hashtag, carry out hashtag research. This will help you know the ones that will provide maximum engagement.

3. Keep hashtag in the comments

Keep your caption clean by keeping hashtags in the comments.

4. Avoid spam hashtags

Hashtags like #love #photooftheday are very popular and have more than 40 million images tagged under them. Which means your image with these hashtags will be one among 40 million, and this is nothing but throwing a needle in the haystack which is impossible to find.
Tagging your images with spam hashtags will invite spam comments as well. The bots are programmed to comment on the posts having such common tags. 

5. Use different sets of hashtags alternately

With hashtag research, you would have found some hashtags that worked well for you.

Using them all at once may or may not prove good to your brand. Use appropriate tags for different kinds of posts.

6. Keep the number of hashtags 30

Keep the usage of hashtags to around 30. With every hashtag comes a chance to be visible and to connect with your target audience. 
Use all 30 hashtags for creating 30 different ways to get noticed. 

7. Character count

The Instagram hashtag is not character count limited, even then, it is best to keep it brief. Short hashtags are more likely searched for and shared when compared to the #longhashtagsthatarehardtoread. 

8. Special characters and spacing

Hashtags do not include special characters like !, $,%,^,*, and +. Also, they do not support spaces. So if you have two words in the hashtag, do not separate it with a space. 

For example, wedding photography hashtag will be #weddingphotography and not #wedding photography. 

9. Spelling sensitive

Spelling mistakes in hashtags will make your post invisible seen to the brides because they would not search a hashtag with spelling mistake. Avoid using double letters, if possible to avoid spelling mistakes.

For example, as in the image below, when a bride searches for posts having #weddingphotography, she will not be able to see the post below because there is a spelling mistake in the hashtag, #weddingphotoraphy. 

Choosing the right hashtags is very important when it comes to engagement and reach on Instagram. Following these nine tips will help your brand get more exposure. 

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