8 Instagram Captions that Connect and Convert

What makes your wedding posts on Instagram different from other photographer’s posts?

It’s the captions!

Do not pressure your brain for caption ideas, because we have got this sorted for you!

1. Co-Marketing Captions

In your captions, mention the other wedding vendors and request them to do the same.

2. Informative/Inspiration Captions

When you post a picture, explain it in the captions.
For example, it would be difficult to understand if there was only a picture of the Pac-man inspired dessert table. The caption explains what the image is about!

3. Contest/Giveaway Captions

Brides love free stuff. The best way to get a massive amount of engagement is through contests or giveaways. Post a picture of the prize and specify the contest rules in the captions or direct them to the landing page by mentioning ‘Link in Bio’ in your captions.

4. Funny Captions

Post a picture from a wedding with a funny caption.

5. Festival Captions

Wishing your Instagram family happiness on festivals is a must.

6. Invitation captions

Questions can help you get more engagement. Avoid going overboard, keep it natural. Do not only ask them to ‘like’ the post.
Invitations that ask people for help, recommendation or advice boosts engagement to a great extent.

7. Personal Captions

Personal captions are a great way to build relations with your followers. Connect with your brides by mentioning something personal in your caption. For example, share a good news (like in the example below) or your favorite movie, cuisine and more.  

8. Educating Captions

Give solutions to bride’s worries while choosing a wedding photographer in your posts. Also, do not keep it limited to wedding photography. Helping her throughout the wedding planning process by giving out solutions to her pain points will work in your favor.

We hope you enjoyed the Instagram caption ideas and already have a favourite. Incorporate these caption ideas to your posts and you are sure to connect and convert. 

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