7 Solutions to Common Mistakes Wedding Photographers Make with Instagram Marketing

Instagram is all about creating, building and nurturing relations with real brides to- be who happen to be your ideal clients.

The people that follow you on Instagram know what you do and expect your posts to be related to your work, but that’s not all you need to provide!

The mistakes below are the big problems most wedding photographers are facing with their Instagram account. Continue reading to find solutions to the common problems

1. Incomplete and inconsistent profile

It is important to know the way your brand is presented on Instagram. Your profile picture, bio and the language you use in marketing are the essential elements that complete your brand. On the same hand, some intangible essentials that matter are your approach and philosophy about wedding photography as well as the experience you give the brides. Brides do not like an incomplete profile.

How to fix it

Ensure your business profile is complete and consistent with other social media platforms. Keep your Instagram profile name simple and understandable, describe your profession in the bio in bulleted points and add a trackable link.


2. They are overly promotional

Instagram is the right place to ‘let brides know what wedding photographers are up to and what they offer’

This makes you a broadcaster and not a true networker. Avoid updating the brides with posts focusing only on your business like special offers, links to new blog posts, promotions, package discounts, sneak peeks etc. Such content shouldn’t make up most of your business content. 

How to fix it

Create content that is customer centric and not business centric. Post content that will benefit the bride such as answering to the common questions.The key is to mix content that is customer and business centric in a natural way like how Sophia Lemon of ‘ridicouslyhappypeople’ does.


3. Using personal Instagram account as Business

There are many photographers that use their personal Instagram account as a business account.

Using your personal account as business puts many restrictions on you and your brand gets affected.

For instance:

  • You have no access to the Instagram Insights 
  • Your friends and family are mixed with your business connections
  • circle
    Personal profile does not allow you to run Instagram ads! (Major setback)

How to fix it

The solution is to switch to business profile.


4. Failing to engage with the target audience

A common complaint most wedding photographers have is that they do not see enough likes and comments on their posts and thus they feel the brides don't care about their say.

On Instagram you post an image but only some followers see the post on their newsfeed and fewer like and comment on it. This can be discouraging. 

How to fix it

Follow your target audience and don't wait for them to follow you. Also, engage with the brides that you follow and don't wait for them to ask you a question. If you know the worries that most brides have during wedding planning and the solution, post it on Instagram.

This is not the golden and the guaranteed rule but making the first move always works. The first step is to reply to the comments on your posts and answer the questions you get as DMs or in comments. 


5. Using overused hashtags

One of the most common mistakes made by the wedding photographers is using the overused hashtags. Hashtags act as links in Instagram and play a crucial role in making your brand visible to the target audience.

Using hashtags that already have millions of posts will dump your post in the pool. 

How to fix it

Use custom hashtags because it will keep you running in the hashtag race. Also, learn the strategies to make optimal use of hashtags. 


6. Not using Automation Tools

Instagram Marketing is time consuming and can involve you in it like a full time job.

With multiple things to take care of in your profession, keeping up with Instagram marketing can be a task. You may end up neglecting Instagram and use it only when they find time.

Make sure you do not make your followers forget about your existence on Instagram. 

How to fix it

Getting organized and consistent with the Instagram automation tools solves your problem. There are multiple tools that can help you including Later, Co-schedule, Buffer, Hootsuite etc.

7. Doing what other wedding photographers are doing

Replicating what other photographers are doing with their brand will not be beneficial. The strategy that worked for them might not work you. If you replicate what others are doing, you are attracting the brides they are trying to attract and for the fact, not your potential clients.

How to fix it

Provide your followers with real content like giving solution to their pain points, showcasing yourself as a professional and what makes you different from the rest.

For instance, give your brides behind the scenes of the wedding you are shooting, the flowers used in the set up and where to find them ( so, if a bride likes those flowers she can contact the vendor and will be thankful to you for this). 


These are 7 areas where you should concentrate on with your Instagram Marketing. Go through each one of them and check if that is affecting your social growth, and fix it with the solution mentioned.

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