6 ways to get your business featured on Instagram’s Explore Page

The best thing about getting featured in Explore page of Instagram is visibility to brides who don't follow you. Isn’t this just great? In this way, you can expect more engagement on your posts and get more followers.

Want to get your work featured on Instagram Explore Page ?

Include these Instagram Explore Page hacks in your marketing plan:

1. Add hashtags and geotags to your post and stories

Adding a location tag and hashtags to posts has worked wonders for some wedding photographers. The more hashtags you use, the more opportunities you create to be seen. Thus, using all the 30 hashtags will create 30 different opportunities for your account to be seen. But using them wisely is what matters.

How should you go about?

Introducing the 10/10/10 hashtag strategy

As you know, Instagram allows 30 hashtags, so use them all like this:

  • ​10 small hashtags
  • ​10 mid-size hashtags
  • 10 large hashtags

Using this method will get you a little lucky in finding yourself on the Explore page. You can get a few likes from the small hashtags (0-10k posts), some from mid-sized(10k-500k posts), and a handful of the large hashtags (500k above), thus increasing your chances of featuring on the Explore Page.

Use this strategy with the right hashtags because it can make or break the virality. Use tools like Hashtagify, Display Purposes for hashtag research.

How to add a location tag to your post?
Tap on any suggested locations while composing the post. In case the location you want is not in the suggestions list, you can type it by clicking on “Add Location.”

Add location to a story by tapping on the sticker option and location tag sticker. 

Adding a hashtag to a post is simple. All you need to do is put a prefix ‘#’ before the keyword, for example #weddingphotography, #brides, etc.  


2. Post consistently 

A common question often asked is “How often should one be posting on Instagram?”

Many wedding photographers post once or twice a day while some post over five times a day. What is the ideal strategy?

The answer to this is: 

The more you post on Instagram, the more likes and followers you gain. Do not spam with multiple posts a day. 

On an average, accounts posting over seven times a week get more engagement and followers when compared to the accounts posting just twice in a week. Your engagement rate increases when you post frequently.


3. Post at the right time

There is no universal best time to post on Instagram. A particular time that works for other wedding photographers may not work for you. So find a right time for yourself particularly rather than depending on others.

But yes, timing matters! does matter!

Timing only matters when you want to get the post to the Explore page because your post is most likely to get to the Explore page if it gets 100 likes in the first 15 minutes when compared to a post getting the same number of likes in about 3 hours of time. 

4. Go live

The Search and Explore tab in Instagram also features the top live video, so Go Live and connect with your brides in real time!

Getting your live video featured on the Search and Explore tab is the most difficult thing to achieve when compared to the posts getting its place there. But it will give your business a great boost!

Ask your followers the topic they want you to discuss when you live and also use poll stories to ask them a suitable time. Before you go live, also post about the same in your feed and stories. This will ensure that most followers watch you live and will may lead to maximum engagement which will increase your chances of being featured on the Explore page.

Make sure to share your live video to Instagram Stories for the next 24 hours for all those who have missed watching it. 

5. Encourage brides to engage with your posts in untypical way

The most common forms of engagement are likes and comments on the posts, but there are other kinds as well that can make way to get featured on the Explore page:

  • ​Sharing post via direct message
  • Saving the posts

Create captions that encourages the brides to share or hold a contest that asks them to take specific actions like sharing your post via direct message.

For example, post a bridesmaids image and caption it: “Share this image with your #bridetribe to remind them of all the fun you’ll have on the wedding day” as in the image below. This will make the brides to-be share your post with her bridesmaids.

6. Power likes

Fake likes have been around on Instagram for a while now. Power likes are new and stronger.

Power likes are the likes from huge and influential accounts in the first few minutes after the post has gone live. Just as you guessed it, this will help your post to get to the Explore Page for more organic engagement. 

7. Post Videos

Videos have taken over images and it is a great way to create content for a wedding photographer.

Showing the brides a teaser of a wedding is more appreciated than showing her images. Videos speak thousand images, so make the most of it.

Following the above mentioned 6 ways will help your brand get featured on the Explore page. Tell us in the comments section below if you tried any of these? 

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