6 Ways to Attract More Brides using Instagram Stories

Instagram launched Stories and became famous with over 300 million active users. It is a brilliant way to connect with the brides in a fresh, new, and genuine way.

Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to interact with the brides and making the most of it will be beneficial to your brand.


It helps you get more visibility on the app and give brides more content to consume.

In this post you will learn the 6 most effective ways to use Instagram Stories to attract more brides.

1. Behind-the-scenes

One frequent and popular use of Instagram Stories is to show behind-the-scenes content. For example:

  • Wedding photographer describing the beautiful venue he/she is shooting at.
  • The efforts they put in to get a fantastic shot.
  • The editing it takes behind the picture.

2. Contests

One of the best ways to use Instagram Stories is to announce a contest. Update the brides about the contest through Instagram Stories. You can also announce the winner of the contest through Stories.

3. New post promotion

Use Instagram Stories to promote your Instagram feed post. The engagement rate doubles when you update your followers about your new feed post.

Instagram now allows direct sharing of Instagram post to Instagram Stories

4. Lists and Countdowns

You might be interested in sharing:

  • Venues perfect for a fairytale wedding
  • Surprising stats and facts about wedding photography
  • circle
    Out of the box destinations for pre-wedding shoots

Provide help with wedding planning; your brides will love you for the useful content.


5. Announcements and updates

Sharing fun announcements using the stories can work wonders for you. It can be anything, for example, an upcoming contest, new wedding album on the website, going live, an Instagram takeover, etc.

6. Blog Post Promotion

Instagram Stories can also be used to promote your blog post. Rather than asking your brides to read the blog, posting Instagram stories with critical points of the blog will entice them to swipe up to read.

If you haven’t started with Instagram Stories yet, use this guide to create engaging Stories. Tell us in the comments below how have you been using Instagram Stories?

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