4 Ways to Improve Instagram Marketing using Insights

Data allows you to make smarter and more effective decisions for the brand as well as the audience.

Imagine shooting an arrow in the dark; it’s pointless and aimless, right? Instagram Marketing without analytics is the same. With analytics, the path to user engagement becomes clearer.

Here is a guide to Instagram Analytics that will boost your brand's marketing. 

1. Profile Analytics

There are three important profile elements you can track with Instagram Insights, and those are Profile Views, Follower Count, and Website Click Through.
Click on the ‘bar graph’ icon on the top right corner to view all the Instagram Insights. 

Profile Views

Not every ‘bride to be’ will follow you but you can still see your profile views and compare the data of the past. This metric can give you an idea if people are interested in your work. The profile views can be viewed in the 'activity' section of insights. 

Follow Growth

The follower count can be seen on the top right side of the app. This is one of the things that a bride would see immediately when she lands on your page.

In simple words, this is a clear first impression of your account. What matters the most is having the right followers that will convert.


You can keep checking the follower growth every week on the analytics page in the 'audience' section.

Website Clicks

Instagram allows you to put only one URL in the bio section (not in the case where you are using tools like Link Tree, which will enable you to link more pages of your website), and that’s the only place you can guide your audience too. Having your website URL here will help you get traffic to your site.

The website clicks can be viewed in the 'activity' section of insights.  

2. Audience Analytics

You can get to know your audience super well with these audience metrics. Do not ignore these analytics because your audience is what will help you grow your business and achieve your goals.


More often, photographers create a user persona of the essential characteristics of their target audience, and in this list, age tops. If you have not seen your Instagram Insights before, you will be surprised to know the exact age range of your audience.

Brides usually fall in the age group 25-40 years, and that’s what you can check with the Audience Analytics.

Click on the analytics icon on the top corner, click ‘audience and there you are!’ You can check which age group of people follow you and also differentiate by gender.

This metric will help you see if your Instagram audience’s age is matching with the user persona. If not, then make necessary changes in your marketing. For instance, change the type and tone of your posts suiting that age group.


Apart from age you can also know the gender ratio. In the same space where you can find age metrics, you can get to know your audience’s gender ratio. 


Know where most of your audience is following you from. Instagram Insights displays top cities as well as top countries of your followers. Location is an excellent metric for a destination wedding photographer. 

Active Hours

You can find the most active hours your audience is checking your account in the same space as in location. This will help you know the most active hours and evaluate the best time to post on Instagram. Make sure you post your work during these hours.

Active Days

Just like your active hours, Instagram Insights will show you the most active days when your audience is checking your posts. Find your best days and schedule your posts accordingly.


Instagram released its version of Snapchat called Instagram Stories, and it is one of the most talked about features. It is where you post your daily events, and will be available to your audience for 24 hours.

Find your Instagram Stories metrics in the Instagram Insights and click on the 'content' section. 


This insight reveals the number of times your story was seen.


This insight states the number of users that have seen your story.

Taps Forward

This metric reveals the number of times a user taps forward on your story to the next piece of media.

Taps Back

This metric reflects the number of times a user taps back on your story to view the previous piece of media


This indicates the number of times users send messages to you through the ‘Send Message’ text box.

Swipe Away

This insight reflects the number of times a user swipes to skip to the next story content. Do not take this for ‘taps forward’ which reflects the users will jumping forward to your upcoming story content


This indicates the number of times a user leaves the story section altogether to return to the feed.

Top Followers

Know which followers are the most valuable to your brand whether by the size of the account, engagement, location, keyword, etc. Identifying your top followers will help you in marketing campaigns, as you can directly reach out to the ones who are helping you grow.

This is one metric you will not find in Instagram Insights, directly but is worth the mention because you want to know the loyal followers of your brand. You can find your top followers by using tools such as Social Rank.

4. Instagram Content Analytics

There is much more to Instagram Insights than profile and audience analytics, and that’s content.

Instagram allows image and video sharing; there are many variables to make the content work well, from the color scheme to caption and visual layouts to filters!

The content analytics can give you an insight on what posts are working positively for your brand and so on.


This may surprise you, but Instagram users ‘like’ 5 billion posts daily. Likes are the most straightforward way brides react to the post that interests them and then continue scrolling through their news feed. This is a fantastic way to analyze which type of content is most liked and vice versa.


Comments are considered to be one level up of engagement from your followers who have not only liked your post, but also spent some time on it to comment. You may or may not get comments coming all at once, but most photographers have stated that they start getting comments after 18-24 hours and they continue for up to 15 days.

You can find the insights to likes and comments on Instagram Insights and get a larger overview of the engagement with tools like Coschedule


Along with the number of likes and comments, you can even see the number of saves the post has got. When your post has been saved by someone, you certainly know it connected to the audience in someway or the other.


The total number of impressions on your Instagram post is the times your post has been viewed. It includes views from direct news feed scrolling as well as through search.

If someone has seen your post, it will take that as an impression. This metric helps you know the total views, but you do not get an insight on how well the audience has engaged in the post.


This metric is similar to impressions. It includes the total number of accounts that have seen your post. 

How different is it from impressions? Impressions are the number of times the post is seen, and reach is the number of accounts it is viewed from. Reach is a useful metric to know how far has your post reached and how large your audience is.


These insights indicates where your post was discovered including the accounts that weren’t you when they saw the post. This section includes reach and impression from your home, profile, explore and others (location tag or hashtag).


Engagement matters the most. It is the total number of unique Instagram accounts that have saved, liked, or commented on your brand post.

What it does is, it combines the data from your post’s likes, comments and saves and converts it to metrics known as engagement. This is one of the most important metrics as most goals coincide with the interaction of the audience.

Top Posts

Top posts are your posts that are top performing. Under 'content', when you click on ‘Feed,’ you can see the posts differentiated by the number of impressions. Likewise, you can see which post has the maximum reach, likes, profile visits, follows etc. The image below will give you a clear idea.

The CoSchedule is a fantastic tool that will help you get in-depth audience engagement.

Instagram Insights helps you know how well your business is performing. Using this basic and effective feature by Instagram is important, even if you use third party tools or not. 

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