4 Clever Hacks for Better Instagram Stories

Want to know how some wedding photographers are creating amazing stories to attract brides? In this post, you'll discover four clever hacks for better Instagram Stories and Storie Ads.  

1. Customize Font Colors

To add text to your Instagram Stories, tap on the Aa on the right top corner when you take or upload an image. In the Keyboard that opens, choose from the range of colors. If you do not want to add any color from the preselected colors, there are two more ways to add colors.

First, tap and hold on the preselected color. A color bar opens and you can choose the shade you want.

Second, you can tap on the color dropper icon on the left of the color bubble. This will take you to the screen and a color dropper will appear. Take the dropper to the color you want to choose from the image.
After you choose the color, you are then taken back to the screen to add the same color to your text.

2. Create a solid color background

If you want to share some news or tips with the followers but do not want to add an image, create a solid color background. 

To start: Take a photo of anything. To start creating a solid color background, you will have to take a photo first.

Tap on the pen icon and select a color of your choice for the background. Tap and hold anywhere in the screen and the color you chose will fill the screen. Tap done.

3. Build text via a series of posts

Each story plays for 7 seconds and if you have a lot of text to share, create consecutive posts.

To do this, put some text on the solid color background and upload it to your story and save it to your mobile. Then start a new story post, select the image that you just shared and saved from the photo gallery and add some more text to it. Repeat the process until you have added all the text you wanted to share.

4. Reveal portions of an image behind a solid color background

The eraser tool offers a great way to combine a photo and solid color background to a story. To get this, start a new story and upload an image you want. Use a pen tool to create a solid color background as described in 3.

Tap on the pen feature again and choose the eraser. Draw anywhere on the screen you want to remove the solid color background.

As you can see, Instagram offers you a wide range of features to make your stories unique and creative. So, make the most of it. 

Are you going to use any of these tricks to your Instagram Stories? Do you have any other creative tips? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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