20 cool post ideas for wedding photographers on Instagram

It’s 2018 and Instagram has gone mainstream!

For a wedding photographer, keeping the Instagram feed fresh and content rich is essential and taxing at the same time. If you are not careful while posting on Instagram, it could lead to a disaster!

That’s why we have put together a list of 20 cool post ideas from the most compelling and influential wedding photographers on Instagram. 

1. Wedding Proposal Posts

#howheasked and #shesaidyes are the two most trending hashtags on Instagram. Use these with an attractive wedding proposal photo to grab the bride’s attention.

Popular Hashtags: #shesaidyes #gettingengaged #howheasked

2. Getting ready’ post

Grab the attention of followers by posting ‘getting ready shots’ of the bride with her squad.

Popular hashtags: #gettingreadyforthebigday #gettingreadyshots #bridalstyles

3. Couple Photos

Couple images are considered ‘always the best’ kind of images. This type may sound obvious, but of all the different types of posts, couple images get the most engagement and keep trending. You’ll get brownie points for landscape couple posts.

Popular Hashtags: custom hashtag #weddingmoments #weddingphoto #coupleshoot

4. Bride’s Dress

The bride’s dress is the most talked aspect of the wedding. The brides-to-be will remember you for the dress inspiration.

Popular Hashtags: #weddingdress #weddinggown

5. Fun with the Bridesmaids Posts

A bride is not complete without her bridesmaids. Posting the fun moments of them together will result in ‘stop scrolling.’

Popular Hashtags: #bridesmaids #bridesmaidsdress #bridesmaidgoals

6. Children at the Wedding Posts

Children are the cutest part of weddings, and you can’t miss posting their images on Instagram.

Popular Hashtags: #childrenatweddings #kidsatweddings #havefunlikeachild

7. Wedding Ring Captures

That bling on the bride’s finger is worth a post. Enough said!

Popular Hashtags: #weddingring #ringshot #bridesrings

8. Wedding Ring Captures

A wedding is incomplete without the wedding cake. Post an image of the delicious sweet goodness.

Popular Hashtags: #weddingcakes #weddingcakedesign #cakeinspiration

9. Bride’s Shoes

Show some #shoelove to the bride’s shoes.

Popular Hashtags: #brideshoes #bridalheels #weddingshoes

10. Wedding Floral Posts

The beautiful and succulent flowers at the wedding are worth mentioning. From bright bouquet to white floral, each design is talked about.

Popular Hashtags: #weddingbouquet #weddingflowers #bridalflowers

11. Family Moments

Share special moments of the couple with their families and they will thank you for it.

Popular Hashtags: #weddingfamilyphoto #familyphoto

12. Pets at the Wedding posts

There is something special about pets at a wedding. Share an image of a pet at a wedding, and you are sure to get a double tap on it.

Popular Hashtags: #petsatweddings #dogsatweddings 

13. Personal Posts

Your followers do not just want to see the wedding pictures, but they also want to learn more about you. Sharing personal milestones is a great way to engage followers.

Popular Hashtags: custom hashtags #lifeofaphotographer

14. Behind the Scenes Posts

Behind the scenes will set you apart from the other marketers. Brides love to see the magician behind the lens.

Popular hashtags: #weddingbehindthescenes #behindthescenes

15. Pre-wedding Shots

One thing that the bride-to-be is most excited about is her pre-wedding shoot. Get them excited by posting the best shots from pre-wedding shoots.

Popular Hashtags: #preweddingphotographer #preweddingshoot

16. Throwback Posts

Re-posting the most trending posts is a great way to engage followers. Post throwback wedding images to engage followers once again.

Popular Hashtags: #throwbackwedding #tbwedding

17. Anniversary Posts

Make your past clients feel special by posting an image of their wedding on their anniversary. We bet you will get a lot of love back.

Popular Hashtags: couples custom hashtag

18. Wedding Set-up Posts

The magical set up at the wedding becomes the talk of the town for quite a while post-wedding.

Popular Hashtags: #weddingsetup #weddingideas

19. Beautiful Wedding Venue Posts

Everyone wants to know the wedding venue, and Instagram offers you brownie points (more reach) when you tag the location.

Popular Hashtags: #weddingvenue #(city)weddingvenue

20. Shoutout Posts

Keep your Instagram feed real and fresh with your posts. Share the love with your photographer friends by posting the amazing image that he or she has shot and tag him or her.

Popular Hashtags: custom hashtags of your brand and photographer friend

Incorporate all these post ideas into Instagram Marketing plan and you are sure to get the desired results. Which kind of posts would you try first?

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