14 New Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2018 

Have your Instagram posts got lost in the crowd and the engagement is very low?

Its not just you, every wedding photographer wants to get maximum engagement on his post. Since the new Instagram Algorithm was introduced, it's no surprise that everyone is getting less engagement. 

Here are the fresh ways to increase Instagram engagement in 2018:

Learn 14 new ways to increase Instagram engagement in 2018 and here they are:

1. Get on the Explore Page for massive engagement on your Instagram post

The Explore page on Instagram was designed to give more exposure to the accounts. Explore page of every user is different. It is an amalgamation of posts that you have liked and the posts liked by accounts whose posts you have liked.

One of the best ways to get featured on the Explore page is to get a power like. This means a like from a huge account because Instagram will then show it to all its followers. For example, it would be great for your account to get a powerline from TheKnot because it has more than a million followers.

This is possible when you get your hashtags on point. Adopt the 10/10/10 hashtag strategy. This means tagging a post with 10 mega hashtags, 10 medium hashtags, and 10 small hashtags. You do not know who's checking out which hashtags so it is better to spread your wings all over. 

2. Act decisively and grab the opportunities when they arise

New Instagram Algorithm works on a ‘love at first sight’ rule. The post that gets a lot of engagement early will get a massive reach.

For example, a post that gets 100 likes in 10 minutes will be pushed by the algorithm than a post getting 100 likes in an hour. This means you have to act when your audience is online. Every account has a unique right time to post based on their target audience (which can be found in Instagram Insights). 

3. Host a contest for more engagement  

You can host a contest alone or an Instagram loop giveaway which is connecting with wedding vendors for the contest. For example, you can join hands with a wedding jewelry designer to host a contest, choose a prize mutually and ask the audiences to take part in the contest by following pre-defined rules. 

4. Instagram Story is everything! 

Instagram Stories have been a thing since it’s launch and overpowered Snapchat in a short period of time. One of the best ways is to pin your stories to the profile as highlights so that people can get a glimpse of your work every-time they land on your profile. 

5. Use Story poll

Instagram Stories are very powerful and one of the best ways to get maximum engagement is by using story poll. Add polls and interactive elements to your Stories that entice the brides to engage. 

​If you don’t ask, it will always be a NO, which will lead to low engagement. All you need to do is add a call to actions in your captions like:

  • Tag your bridesmaid to remind them of all the fun you’ll have at your wedding
  • What’s your dream wedding destination

​These are small asks, which will prompt the brides to take the next step.

7. Be strategic with your hashtags

Want to get featured in the top 9 posts of your niche hashtags? All you have to do is be strategic with your hashtags. Study the content that gets into that spot and keep tweaking till you hit the jackpot. 

8. Tag your posts

​The more people see your posts, the more Instagram will share it with the audience. So, tag all the people involved like the couple, wedding vendors, location, venue etc. to get more eyeballs to your post. This also increases the chances of it appearing on the Explore page.

9. Tag and hashtag your Instagram Stories

​We are back at it, again! Try super powering your stories with location tags and hashtags, so that brides searching for stories about that tag will stumble across your post.

10. Solve your brides' worries

​Brides have many questions running through their mind while looking for a wedding photographer.

Give solutions to their worries and you are sure to get a lot of engagement for your good deed. Also, the brides will tag her friends to share the valuable tip.

11. Don’t edit your posts

​Anyone can make mistakes but it is wise to triple check your post content before publishing. If you have made a spelling mistake in the caption and realize it only after getting engagement on the post, it is wise not to edit it.


The reason is that Instagram Algorithm resets the engagement that you have received till now and starts from zero after you edit. By editing your content, you are telling Instagram to ignore the engagement it has received so far.

12. Announce your new post in Stories

There are chances that brides may have missed your post and so give yourself a second chance by announcing the new post on your IG Stories.

The new Instagram feature of directly uploading the post to Instagram Stories has made this super simple.

13. Cross promote your stories on Facebook

Keep your branding constant on every social platform. Cross promote your Instagram Stories on Facebook automatically by enabling the option in story settings as in the image below. 

14. Respond to every comment and DM

Get guaranteed increased engagement when you reply to every comment and DM. Do not post and then forget about it. This is how your loyal followers' tribe keeps growing and is also one way of getting your potential clients closer to conversion. 

These are the 14 ways that help you get massive engagement in 2018. Have you tried any of these? Tell us in the comments sections below how it worked. 

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